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I begin every relationship with a collaborative approach to defining the dynamics of the market in which you compete using market research. This process involves you, me and the entire team working together.


Depending on the objective, the right combination of quantitative, qualitative or secondary research methodologies will be used to get the job done.

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Defining Core Brand DNA


As incredibly important as it is, building an effective brand strategy continues to be one of the most difficult tasks facing companies of all sizes and in all industries. Brands that want to thrive, not simply survive, have to build a great brand. And live it.


The process combines market/ competitive intelligence and customer insights to arrive at a brand strategy and a point of differentiation that’s concise, simple, direct, competitive and above all, meaningful to your audience.


Results, Delivered


Your business plan, sales plan, marketing plan and communications plan are all essential to managing your business growth. I will deliver a cohesive road map for you to follow to ensure your entire team is moving in the right direction - with measurable objectives to ensure success.

Defining Your Personal Brand

Differentiating Yourself


People are in relationships with brands.  They come to know a brand by how it behaves, not by how it says it behaves. Brands are evaluated and understood by their actions, not necessarily by their intentions.  And, if a brand doesn’t define what it is, it runs the risk of the marketplace defining it for them.

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