Situation: If you’ve been to a bar, club, liquor store or grocery store lately you know that there are currently about 8 million flavored vodkas on the market. Admittedly an exaggeration, but not by much.


Strategy: Research showed that flavored vodkas were all about the party environment. Drinkers enjoyed experimenting with the variety of flavors, but the price point of most flavored vodkas with acceptable taste made it price prohibitive. Leveraging the Seagram’s name and quality heritage, we tapped into the experimental spirit (no pun intended) of our drinkers with a great tasting, quality flavored vodka that was available at a price that would allow multiple flavors to “play” with and not break the bank.


We launched with a sexy, playful brand personality that encourages individualism by asking the question, “What Flavor Are You?”



  • Market penetration increased by 15%.

Seagram's Vodka
Product Differentiation