Situation: SBC Communications was faced with the task of relaunching their $1 billion DSL business. Their DSL business was critical to the future of their company, so SBC needed to quickly find a way to differentiate their brand from all other high-speed Internet providers by finding a long-term position that would resonate with current Internet users.

Strategy: A simple, easy-to-understand integrated campaign was created using TV, print, outdoor and radio. The campaign’s tonality and message reduced fear and intimidation discovered via market research by explaining to dial-up users that SBC’s brand of high-speed Internet service would let them to get on the Internet faster, do what they normally do on the Internet faster and get off the Internet faster. The campaign then asked the audience, “What would you do with the extra time you now had?”


Results: When the campaign broke, SBC’s goal for first quarter new DSL sign-ups was 325,000. Actual new DSL sign-ups were slightly over 400,000.​

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