While the term branding has long been relegated to companies, today, every individual person has a brand.  In fact, the question no longer is if you have a brand, but whether or not you choose to guide and cultivate your brand or let it be defined for you.

Working with you on developing and defining your personal brand, I will provide specific insights and key essential strategies and actions in defining, building and promoting your personal brand. You will also be able to leverage these insights into establishing your brand strategy, brand values, brand promise, positioning and communications messaging. 

The result will be a greater understanding of the importance in shaping and communicating your personal brand’s unique position and values to prospect employers, customers and peers, as well as learning how to put this knowledge to immediate use to develop better competitive strategies to differentiate yourself from similar candidates.

Areas we’ll explore:

  • Who are you? What makes you a special person?

  • What You Do Offer? What skills, experiences do you provide and which ones are unique to you?

  • Why are you a credible candidate? Why should a prospective employer believe you?

  • Why You? What is the distinctive attribute(s) that makes you different from other candidates?

  • How do potential employers get to know you? Which communication channels do you use?

  • What results do you want from this process?

  • And, what value does your new employer get from hiring you?


Having had the opportunity to work closely with recruiting or talent acquisition departments and personally interviewing hundreds of potential candidates, combined with my branding experiences I  believe gives me a unique perspective when working with a client to help shape and build their personal band.

To explore the idea of working together to develop your personal branding plan and road map, click here to set up a free 30 minute phone consultation.