3 Pillars
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Explore the Benefits of Utilizing Interim and Fractional CMO & Marketing Support Services
To Drive Business Growth
Is your business experiencing one of the following?
  • Your business has been flat, not growing

  • You have no strategic marketing initiatives

  • Your internal marketing team is tactical, not strategic

  • Your current marketing execution is not delivering and returning an ROI

  • You lack market, competitive and customer insights

  • You need to better understand vertical markets for messaging and growth opportunities

  • You want to expand into new markets but need to understand the opportunities

  • Your company lost its marketing leadership and need a replacement asap

  • The market is changing and perhaps becoming more competitive and you need to understand, pivot and create new revenue opportunities

  • Your brand needs a refresh

Getting Your Business Back to Business

Not all companies and their problems are created equal. To address your specific challenges, you need to identify the insights and knowledge needed to define your brand and create a plan that helps you achieve your vision of success is essential.
At The Ponzi Group, we start by focusing on these three areas:  Insights, Brand, and Plan
And in that order… to become more strategic in achieving your business goals.  These three pillars are key to building an effective, efficient strategic growth plan for your business.
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For Better Strategic Decisions


Depending on your objectives, the right combination of quantitative, qualitative, or secondary research methodologies can be used to gather the necessary insights to help uncover opportunities, challenges, issues, and obstacles to ensure strategies and plans focus on the needs of the market you serve.


By better understanding your target customers and their journeys, the channels they use to gather information, your competition and the dynamics of the market, your brand, messaging strategies and plans will be more effective and cost-efficient both in the short- and long-term.

Visit our research group at: www.strategicmarketintelligence.com

Defining Core Brand DNA


As incredibly important as it is, building an effective brand strategy continues to be one of the most difficult tasks facing companies of all sizes and in all industries. Brands that want to thrive, not simply survive, must build a great brand. And live it.


The process combines market/ competitive intelligence and customer insights to arrive at a brand strategy and a point of differentiation that is concise, simple, direct, competitive, and above all, meaningful to your audience.